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"The Best single dance number is Jonas Barranca's Tulsa showing..."All I Need Is The Girl."

-Augustine Warner,

Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare in Delaware Park

"Jonas Barranca, in his grey cardigan and skintight white shirt, is the very picture of youthful yearning as Romeo. Few actors are so quickly able to establish their credibility through the mere act of sulking, but Barranca does with cool efficiancy..."

-Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

"Barranca plays the dreamboat Romeo well, and is appropriately ruled by his outsized emotions...Posessing great hair and biceps, Barranca climbs part way up the balcony using only his arms...You can't mistake his eagerness to join his new lover."

-Diana Carter,

Love's Labour's Lost

Coeurage Theatre Company

"Jonas Barranca also gives an inspired performance as the hilariously effeminate Don Amado. This Spanish Errol Flynn’s lisp is as thick as taffy but Barranca’s careful enunciation and grounded performance works"

-Ellen Dostal, Shakespeare in LA

"Jonas Barranca’s unique, hilarious and hysterical interpretation of Don Armado is worth any price of admission."

-Candyce Columbus,


Coeurage Theatre Company

"As Czolgosz, McKinley’s assassin, Jonas Barranca is riveting. He gives this penniless Polish immigrant a true sense of isolated desperation that, along with his turbulence and hero worship of socialist icon Emma Goldman, seems perhaps the most reasonable of all the assassins’ motivations. Barranca’s Polish accent is believable, his powerful body seems like that of a real laborer rather than a gym rat, and his singing is first rate."

-Samuel Bernstein , Stage and Cinema


“Barranca’s charictarization of the Polish immigrant is a revelation and so wel-crafted that he is by far the stand-out of the excellent cast.”

-Ellen Dostal, “BroadwayWorld

Romeo & Juliet

Coeurage Theatre Company

"Romeo (Jonas Barranca) and Juliet (Sammi Smith)...can hardly contain the fire between them.  When standing next to each other, staring into each other’s eyes, they are the only ones that exist in the show – and that’s how it should feel."

-Phillip Kelly, Advice To The Players

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