Jonas Barranca's Resume
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Hair color:  Brown

Eye color:  Hazel/Green      

Voice Range:  E2-B4



Fear The Fear--Sheldon (Lead)--Sagittarius Films



Death Of Innocence--David Bowen--Unusual Suspects(ID)

Mona Mania--Sam (U/5)--Pretty Little Liars



Krista Jensen's Taught Me--Mr. Westin--YouTube

Cleaning Day--Kevin--Mike Pfaff

Red Light & Green Wine--Martin--Walking Legend Productions

Blue Sunrise--Mitchell--Klaudia Kaye Productions

Black Eyed Susan--Taylor (Supporting)--2011 Fredonia Thesis

Dig--Walter (Lead)--2010 Fredonia Thesis

Bluebirds--Daniel (Lead)--2010 Fredonia Thesis

Babies Ruin Everything--RandomActsFSU Digital Shorts

Man Vs. Life--RandomActsFSU Digital Shorts

Toddler News--RandomActsFSU Digital Shorts

Phantom Weirdo--RandomActsFSU Digital Shorts



Frankenstein--Victor Frankenstein--Road Less Traveled Productions

Gypsy--Tulsa--MusicalFare Theater

The Taming OF The Shrew--Lucentio--Shakespeare In Delaware Park

Night Like Velvet: In Twelve Letters--Ted Hughes--The Curiosity Cabinet

4 Wars-- Poncho Villa, Brezhnev, Jim--Theater f/t New City

Mila, great sorcerer--Young Monk--American Lyric Theater

Romeo & Juliet--Romeo--Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Vincent--Theo-- OPERA America

Palookas--Rueben St. Claire--Strawberry Fest. Summer '14

The Bloody Beginnings-- Dom Spano-- Speakeasy Dollhouse

The Brothers Booth--Young Edwin Booth--Speakeasy Dollhouse

Love's Labour's Lost--Don Armado--Coeurage Theatre Co.

Westlake Prom Xmas--Frank Sinatra--Westlake Promenade

Assassins--Leon Czolgosz--Coeurage Theater Co.

Romeo & Juliet--Romeo--Coeurage Theater Co.

2010&'11 Pops Concert--Featured Soloist--Fredonia NY

The Altruists--Ethan--Fredonia NY

Elektra--Old Man--Fredonia NY

Romeo & Juliet--Romeo--Fredonia NY

Dracula--Renfield--PAC, Fredonia NY

Tom Sawyer--Huckleberry Finn--Heights Players

Macbeth--Fleance--Shakespeare i/t Industrial Park

Marat/Sade--Voltaire/Mad Animal--Fredonia NY

The Children’s Crusader--The Boys--Metropolitan Playhouse   

The Wizard of Oz--Nikko/Munchkin Mayor--The Heights Players

Great Expectations--Pip--The Heights Players

Animal Fair--The Boy--Gallery Players



The Strange Library--Narrator and Voices--The Curiosity Cabinet




Sweet Eros--Terrance McNally

The Spitfire Grill--James Valc


Man vs Life--RandomActs FSU




Fear The Fear (Sagittarius Films)


The Brothers Booth (Speakeasy Dollhouse)

The Collection (Torn Space Theater)


Death Of Innocence (Unusual Suspects)



One on One: Donna McKinna, Jon Goracy

LA On-Camera Traning Center: Jamison Haase

Meghan Rafferty: Acting On Camera Workshop

Barry Shapiro Commercial Audition Workshop

SUNY Fredonia BFA Acting

Voice: Daniel Ihasz

Combat/Stunts: Ted Sharon SAFD, Brian Danner SFI

Dance: Samantha Kenney (Modern, Jazz), Agelika Summerton (Ballet, Tap)


SPECIAL SKILLS: Fight Choreography, Sword Fights Inc Stunt Team, Member of Coeurage Theater Company, Scat Singing, Trumpet, Long Form Improv, Sketch Comedy, Dialects (Various Southern American, Irish, Scottish, Standard Brit, Cockney, Brooklyn), Accents (Polish, Latino, French, German, Italian), Songwriting.

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